Pipeline Industry Thrives During Pandemic

On March 11th, 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a Global Pandemic.

As many industries worldwide grappled with how the pandemic would directly affect their ability to keep working, our PLCAC Members quickly and efficiently adjusted to the new normal and returned to work as an essential service.

The PLCAC Members implemented the Return to Work safety protocols and guidelines that the Federal and Provincial Health organizations set out.

• Available PPE (Sanitizer, masks, gloves)
• Physical distancing
• Daily temperature checks
• Daily Covid screening of employees
• Pandemic Coordinator on site
• Mandatory Covid testing and quarantining as necessary

The PLCAC would like to congratulate its members who worked tirelessly to implement and adhere to the new safety protocols with minimal COVID-19 cases. We are also happy to report that we outperformed our working man-hours from the previous year.

Total Mainline Pipeline, Distribution, Maintenance and
Service, and Hours:
2019 – 8,451,992 Working Hours
2020 – 9,713,469 Working Hours

Congratulations to all PLCAC Members for a successful year during these extraordinarily challenging times! Let’s continue to lead the way as an industry, and please remember to stay safe and well.