Pipeline Industry Grievance Panel Transitions to Remote Panel

With the many adjustments made to accommodate the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian Pipeline Advisory Council (CPAC) has recently reformed the Pipeline Industry Grievance Panel (PIGP) panel process in order to ensure parties receive a fair and timely consideration of a grievance. For the foreseeable future, a remote panel will be conducted through a secure, encrypted cloud-based video conferencing service (Zoom).

Prior to the pandemic, CPAC executed grievances in-person using the approved participant list provided to the Recording Secretary for the panel, the panelists and the parties to the grievance.

Since the official implementation of the remote panel process in early February, CPAC has successfully resolved two matters in the industry. CPAC plans to continue holding virtual panels in order to encourage a timely resolution of any future grievances, in a safe and COVID-19 free fashion.