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Two Industry Leaders Inducted as President of Sister Associations

At the February 2020 Pipeline Contractors Association (PLCA) annual convention in La Quinta, California, Kelly Osborn was inducted as the new 2020 – 2021 PLCA President. Kelly, president of U.S. Pipeline, Inc. (USPL), began as a welder’s helper in the early 80′s. Prior to joining USPL, he held project management positions with other contractor members, where … read more

SAFETY ALERT: Red-label Masters Metallic Compound

Many contractors within the gas distribution sector have traditionally used a thread and gasket sealant with the tradename: Masters Metallic Compound (“MMC”) with a red identifying label.  Recently a leading gas distribution utility company directed our industry to cease the use of MMC due to its high lead content and directed a switch to the … read more

NPL Canada Earns Outstanding Safety Award

At the Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance Symposium, held February 11-13, 2020 in Ottawa, ON, NPL Canada Ltd. (NPL) received the Excavator of the Year for Outstanding Safety Performance, Gas Division. Pictured right are Patrick Derose, Chris Foran, Tim Macdonald, and Tom Fowler who represented NPL at the conference and proudly received this award on … read more

PLCAC Gives Back to the War Amps of Canada

Every year, the PLCAC strives to give back to communities, special initiatives and personal situations. This year, the PLCAC chose to donate $20,000 to the War Amps of Canada. Funds will go towards the quality of life for Canadian Amputees Following a speaking presentation by If I Can ambassador, Chris Koch, at the 2019 Annual … read more