Workplace Safety Tools

Workplace Safety Tools

The Approved Safety Guide for Pipeline Construction in Canada (10th Edition) is designed for the worker. It provides the basic information and rules for all pipeline construction in Canada.  It is designed to be included in a job orientation package for each worker. It comes in convenient pocket size with a coil binding. Order using the Publications Form .

Pipeline Lifeline is an illustrated pocket guide alerts workers to many of the hazards on a pipeline construction site. Order using the Publications Form .

Being Your Best is a pipeline construction video in modular format for use by safety managers or supervisors in the presentation of jobsite orientation sessions or for general pipeline construction orientation.  Available in English or French. Order using the Publications Form .

Safety Awareness Video Series

An initiative of the PLCAC Safety Committee to introduce video material that can be used by Regular Members and their sub-contractors.

Part One: Field Level Hazard Awareness

Part Two: Fundamentals of Safe Driving

Last updated: Nov. 23, 2017