Types of Members

Types of Members

The Pipe Line Contractors Association of Canada has three types of members. An applicant for membership will be assessed for the qualification of membership based on these member categories.

Regular Members – Any employer of employees, whether an individual corporation, company, partnership or enterprise engaged in contracting for the construction, installation, treating, reconditioning or maintenance of pipelines for the purpose of transporting liquids, vapors, slurries or solids, or any phase thereof shall qualify for consideration as a regular member.

Associate Members – Any individual, firm or corporation engaged in the business of manufacturing, selling, renting or transporting of materials, supplies, equipment, insurance or bonds for the construction or maintenance of pipelines shall qualify for consideration as an associate member.

Honorary Members – Any individual who has performed distinguished service for the pipeline construction industry shall qualify as an honorary member.  Any such individual shall be nominated by at least two regular members and approved by unanimous vote of the directors.  The board of directors may establish the procedure to be followed in approving such membership.

Last Updated: Feb. 5, 2018