Membership and Directory


Members are organizations (regular member for contractors; associate members for suppliers) and individuals (Honorary Member). Membership reflects the hybrid nature of PLCAC as both a bargaining agent for employers and as Canada’s recognized pipeline service and supplier industry association.

Prospective member firms are considered through a membership application process. It involves working with the PLCAC executive office to ensure an application is complete and all qualifications under the type of membership are met. Approval of completed membership applications are generally considered quarterly by the Membership and Promotion Committee, prior to a recommendation to the board of directors.

As of April 17, 2024 the PLCAC has 41 regular members, 97 associate members and 30 honorary members.

Membership Application Process and Fees

For regular or associate membership application, please contact the PLCAC office at or call 905-847-9383.

Membership Directory

The PLCAC Membership Directory is published annually as a member benefit. It includes the full membership profile for regular and associate member firms as well as key contact information.

Members can access the digital edition of the current (2023-2024) directory here, or by clicking on the image below (if you do not have the password, please contact us). Likewise, please let us know if you wish to make changes to your organization’s member listing in this digital version).

Please note: This online version of the directory is updated as personnel changes are reported to the PLCAC office.  For the most up-to-date listings, check back often.

Basic PLCAC Member Listings:

Last Updated: April 17, 2024