Wayne E. McArthur Memorial Award

Wayne E. McArthur Memorial Award

Wayne E. McArthur.

The Wayne E. McArthur Memorial Award was established in honour of the late Wayne McArthur (former associate director of the PLCAC as employee of associate member firm, Grainger Canada), who passed away in 2006.

Wayne was known as a community leader in his home town of Devon, AB and as a man who fostered the “pay-it-forward” philosophy through his charitable efforts.  Remembered as a person who believed in mentorship, nurturing future leaders and encouraging young people to pursue success in all realms of life, his former co-workers sought to develop an award in his name, which symbolizes all that was important to Wayne.

In 2011, the PLCAC board of directors worked with Grainger Canada (and endorsement from Wayne’s family) to set up the Wayne E. McArthur Memorial Award. The honour, as per Wayne’s legacy, recognizes a student who is not only achieving academic excellence, but is already well on their way to becoming a community leader.

 The award is generously sponsored by Grainger Canada

2022-2023     Khloe Webber

2021-2022     Natalie Connors

2020-2021     Kaitlyn Walker

2019-2020     Amanda Pope

2018-2019     Amanda Pope

2017-2018     Jonathan Dubue

2016-2017     Amanda Pope

2015-2016     Laura Lane

2014-2015     Jonathan Dubue

2013-2014     Julie Jackson

2012-2013     Brittany Rozumniak

2011-2012     James Kelly

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