Jack Cressey Future Leader Award – 2016

Jack Cressey Future Leader Award Winner – Marcel Singh, 2016

Marcel Singh served as contracts manager for NPL Canada Ltd at the time he was presented with the Jack Cressey Future Leader Award.

Marcel Singh (left) is presented with the 2016 Jack Cressey Future Leader Award by 2015-2016 PLCAC president, Mark Scherer.

“Marcel motivates and inspires the people around him to accomplish more than they would have normally; he inspires a high level of commitment from others and actively shares responsibility, information and credit when working towards the achievement of a goal”, said Neil Waugh, vice-president of operations at NPL.

“Marcel has positioned himself to develop into a strong, talented and effective leader, and everyone is proud that he is a member of their team.”




Last updated: July 10, 2017