Jack Cressey Future Leader Award – 2008

Jack Cressey Future Leader Award Winner – Dave Moore, 2008

At the time of presentation, Dave Moore had worked in the pipeline industry for the past 12 years, playing a leading role in Aecon’s estimating and construction operations for clients such as Enbridge and Imperial Oil. In his current role as manager of Northern Operations, estimating and contract Administration, he oversaw up to 50 employees working at both Aecon’s corporate office as well as in the field.

His leadership qualities are best exemplified by his contributions to the Aecon/Union Gas Alliance. This type of contractor/client relationship is relatively rare in the pipeline industry and owes its success to the commitment and dedication of people like Dave Moore. Within his team, his “lead by example” management style has made him a natural at mentoring new additions to the Aecon group.