Jack Cressey Future Leader Award – 2009

Jack Cressey Future Leader Award – Jeff Raspberry, 2009

Jeff Rasberry was awarded the  Jack Cressey Future Leader Award in 2009. At the time, he had been with Aecon Infrastructure for 15 years and headed the Pipeline Special Projects group. In this role he consistently demonstrates a strong commitment to safety and quality.

Jeff’s work ethic, combined with his team oriented approach, were key reasons for on-budget/on-time delivery of his projects. His strong safety record is one reason that Aecon continues to be an industry leader in this area.  As the senior field manager for Aecon’s larger pipeline projects he works closely with the various client representatives. Louie Jeromel of Union Gas said, “Jeff’s focus on project safety, scheduling and construction cost has been instrumental to the successful execution of our projects.”

The Aecon Infrastructure team recognizes that Jeff’s performance and leadership qualities have contributed in a most positive manner to the product Aecon delivers to its clients. The clients appreciate the impact Jeff has on the success of their projects. This type of relationship is invaluable in our industry and owes its success to the commitment and dedication of people like Jeff Rasberry.