Labour Relations

Labour Relations

PLCAC intentionally uses a “harmonious relations” approach with four international trade unions, who are long-term partners in building, maintaining, servicing, updating and replacing Canada’s mainline and distribution pipeline infrastructure. Labour partners, in turn, commit to provide a reliable supply of qualified, skilled and cost-effective personnel. The value of their skills, productivity and ability to mobilize is a key strength for building and maintaining major pipeline systems throughout Canada in ways that are responsible and sustainable.

The PLCAC engages labour relations principally through two avenues:

One is by providing Labour Management Services in our capacity as the established bargaining agent and administrative lead for the Employer in the Pipeline Agreements of Canada.

The other is through collaboration in Union-Management Partnership activities, principally through a joint union-management structure established in 1969, the Canadian Pipeline Advisory Council (CPAC).

Last updated: July 10, 2017