2021-2022 Wayne E. McArthur Memorial Award Recipient

2021-2022 Wayne E. McArthur Memorial Award Recipient

This year the Pipe Line Contractors Association of Canada (PLCAC) would like to congratulate Natalie Connors on being selected as the 2022 recipient of the Wayne E. McArthur Memorial Award. Grainger Canada kindly sponsors the award, and as per Mr. McArthur’s legacy, recognizes a student who is not only achieving academic excellence but is already well on their way to becoming a community leader.

Currently, Natalie is at Western University pursuing a Chemical Engineering degree, specializing in Biochemical Engineering. Natalie dedicates her time outside of formal studies engaged in a range of community leadership, for which she is being recognized. She recently participated in, and won, the Western Engineering Competition and later placed third in the Ontario Engineering Competition. Natalie worked alongside fellow engineering students to build a device to help facilitate communications for the hearing-impaired community.

Throughout the summer, Natalie worked with RESTORE as a research intern. She had the privilege of taking part in innovative research to address the sustainable management of our water resources through engineering technologies.

Natalie aspires to further graduate-level studies by leveraging her undergraduate success in Engineering, intent to make a long-term sustainable social impact.

The PLCAC member parent is Geoff Connors with PipeSak Pipeline Products and Engineering Services.