Standing Senate Committee Releases Report

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Horizontal Directional Drilling Academy

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  63rd Annual Convention, Banff Alberta
May 14 - 18, 2017
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PLCAC's "Day on the Hill"
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"We Care" Campaign Helps the Citizens of Fort McMurray in a Big Way. Thank You!
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PLCAC President Neil
Waugh and
Executive Director Neil
Lane congratulate
newly inducted IPLOCA President
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PLCAC Meets with World Federation
of Pipeline Industry Associations Representatives
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Rex Murphy:
The Environmental Crowd Knows No Compromise

"Witness that gruesome, arrogant invasion of the National Energy Board (NEB) hearing into the Energy East pipeline in Montreal this week..."

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PLCAC's Ella Matteucci Chosen to Play for Team Canada in Womens Baseball World Cup!

UPDATE: Team Canada wins silver medal!

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Saudi Oil Filling a New Brunswick
Refinery – what kind of a
domestic energy policy is that?

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Enbridge Line 3 Replacement Program
It is time to be heard!
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2016-17 PLCAC Board of Directors Installed at 62nd Annual Convention
in Charlottetown PEI
PLCAC 2015 Safety Awards
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Future Leader
Award Recipient Marcel Singh
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Help the Residents of Fort McMurray through our "We Care" Initiative! Read an open letter from PLCAC



New PLCAC Members

PLCAC’s Board of Directors welcomes one new Regular Member:  

  Allstream Waste Solutions Inc., located in Komoka ON, provides treatment solidification and disposal of liquid wastes including liquid wastes generated by HDD activities.  

And three new Associate Members:
AFD Petroleum Ltd., based in Edmonton AB, supplies bulk fuels, lubricants and on-site tank storage systems.
  EMSCO, located in Regina, SK, rents and services pipeline equipment.  



LCS Cable Cranes GmbH, located in Sulz Austria, sells, rents, installs and operates temporary cable crane systems in difficult terrain.


PLCAC President Mark Scherer and
Executive Director Neil Lane congratulate
newly inducted IPLOCA President
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PLCAC Meets with World Federation
of Pipeline Industry Associations Representatives
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New PLCAC Members

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Why is Canada spending all of that money on foreign oil imports when our country holds the world’s 3rd largest crude reserves?
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Ezra Levant "Foreign-funded lobbyists are trying to sabotage Canadian jobs"

Earlier this summer, U.S.-based anti-oil extremists managed to brow-beat Tim Hortons into cancelling an advertising contract from Enbridge. But now the exact same anti-oil activists are targeting another Canadian institution: Air Canada.
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Neil Menard: Interior folks love the environment and support pipelines

Neil Menard is mayor of Merritt and a director of the Thompson Nicola Regional District. He is a third-generation forestry worker and an ironworker who has worked in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

There has been a lot of discussion about pipeline projects in recent days, especially in the Lower Mainland of B.C., where urban environmentalists tend to dominate the conversation. People seem to forget that the Interior of the province has a stake in these decisions and we certainty have skin in the game....



New PLCAC Appointment

Pipe Line Contractors Association of Canada (PLCAC) proudly introduces, Kellie Gamble, a new Labour Relations professional to the team.
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PLCAC Directors Appoint 2015-2016 Executive Committee
Mark Scherer Neil  Waugh Lyall Nash Paul Schultz Michael Prior Neil Lane

Executive Committee appointed by PLCAC Directors are:
President, Mark H. Scherer; 1st Vice President, Neil K. Waugh; 2nd Vice President, Lyall A. Nash; Treasurer, Paul R. Schultz; Immediate Past President, Michael R. Prior and PLCAC Executive Director, Neil G. Lane.
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The PLCAC Annual Convention
 was held in Maui Hawaii
April 13-17, 2015
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The 2014 Pipeline Construction Safety Awards Presented at
the PLCAC Convention

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Darel Malcolmson
 Presented With 
Future Leader Award

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New Regular PLCAC Members

  PLCAC’s Board of Directors welcomes two new Regular Members:

Ganotech Inc. is a heavy industrial contractor specializing in pipeline & gas distribution.

The State Group Inc. is a provider of multi-trade services

Derailments of trains hauling fuel could kill hundreds and cost billions
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PLCA-USA Elects New President
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DCA Elects New President
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As a member of the Canadian Pipeline Advisory Council, the PLCAC supports the Energy East Project and the good jobs that will come from the project.

Please click on the following links for information about pipeline construction and Energy East that were featured in the Toronto Star and the Calgary Herald on December 27 2014.

PLCAC Welcomes New Members  Read More

New PLCAC Regular Members

New PLCAC Associate Members



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