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Welcome to the Canadian Pipeliners careers web

Come see what pipelining is all about. Our brochure (pdf) and a series of short videos offer important overview information to support exploring pipelining as a career choice.

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Pipeline construction is an exciting, on-the-leading edge of technology sector. It offers rewarding opportunities, accompanied by choice and flexibility. Each year many pipeliners approach retirement. Employers along with industry and labour leaders are committed to renewing this critical Canadian workforce.

Pipeline construction is a project-based business and demand for skilled personnel varies based on the economy, energy sector development, regulatory approvals and anticipated demand for getting energy resources to markets.

The people who build and maintain pipelines come from a range of skilled occupations and trades. They call themselves Pipeliners. Pipeliners work in transportation, logistics, equipment operating, welding, pipelaying and a range of construction craft labour occupations. They also work in management as well as in the provision of many specialized supply, testing and inspection contracted services.

The Canadian Pipeline Advisory Council (CPAC) has partnered with the Government of Alberta to produce a series of career exploration videos to help support persons who are investigating a craft skill or trade in mainline (large diameter) pipeline construction.