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PLCAC meets with World Federation of Pipeline Industry Associations representatives







PLCAC President Neil Waugh and PLCAC Executive Director Neil Lane met with representatives from the World Federation of Pipeline Industry Associations during IPLOCA's 50th Annual Convention held in Paris, FR from September 12 to 16 2016.

Items discussed were affairs affecting the global pipeline construction industry and training and education of workers within the industry. 

Back  Row (left to right):
Robert Darden, USA (DCA); Dale Anderson, USA (DCA); Juan Arzuaga CH, (IPLOCA); Mark Bumstead, AU (APGA); Jean-Claude Van de Wiele, FR (IPLOCA); Neil Lane, CA (PLCAC). Front Row (left to right): Cheryl Burgess, UK (PIG); Neil Waugh, CA (PLCAC); Bernie Bermack, USA (PLCA); Ruben Kuri, MX (IPLOCA).


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